About Master Yon Lee

Master Yon Lee has been trained in Shaolin Hung Gar Tiger Crane Kung Fu for 35 years. As a fourth generation disciple of the Tiger Crane style, he received his training from the late Master Tang Kwok Wah, the senior disciple of the Grandmaster Lam Jo through direct lineage from Lam's uncle "Porky" Lam Sai Wing who was among one of the Ten Tigers of Southern Kung Fu of Antiquity.

Master Yon Lee is currently managing the Shaolin (cultural) Center in Quincy, Massachusetts since it's opening in October 2010.

For the past 25 years, Master Lee has been the senior adviser and chief instructor to the Harvard Tai Chi Tiger Crane Club. He coached the Harvard Kung Fu Team in the 1986 Harvard-Yale Collegiate Kung Fu Match. From 1992 to 1994, he offered Tai Chi as an alternative for stress management for participants who were recommended by staff physicians under the Harvard Health & Fitness Program. In addition, he taught tai chi and chi kung at the Harvard Medical School Tai Chi Club, Brandeis Tai Chi Club, and Boston University Chi Kung Study Group. For the past year, he taught tai chi in Harvard Yard as part of a joint program with Harvard University Health Service Wellness Center.

Through the years, Master Lee has offered classes and exhibitions at Brandeis, BU, MIT, Princeton, UMass and numerous community festivals. In 1980 he hosted the first Wushu Exhibition Team from China to Boston. From 1983 through 1986, he collaborated on a research project on the effects of "chi kung" on cancer at Mass General Hospital with a team of doctors from China. He often lectured on the health benefits of tai chi and chi kung to corporate groups and on the conference circuits. In Spring of 1994 Master Lee and the Harvard Tai Chi Club was featured on Boston's Channel 7 Urban Update. He was featured in Boston Herald in 2003 and on TV - 5 Weekend Edition.

Yon Lee attended Brandeis University and the Graduate School of Physics at Northeastern University, and was an Overseas Scholar at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For seven years he served as the Mayor's Liaison to the Asian community for the Mayor of Boston in the Flynn and Menino administrations. In May 1997 Master Lee was elected National Director of Collegiate Services of the U.S. Martial Arts Association. He now divides his time teaching tai chi and doing research through programs affiliated with Harvard Medical School and hospitals, kung fu & tai chi at Harvard through the Malkin Athletic Center and at Adams House. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters, you may find Master Lee holding "tai chi court" in Harvard Yard. Kindly check the Wellness Center website or the News update for scheduling.

Master Lee is working towards getting tai chi and chi kung recognized and certified as an alternative & complementary health tool by the medical and healthcare communities through a standardization of the teaching of tai chi and chi kung.